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Product Comparison Plugin for WordPressBefore today’s web users make a purchase, they will generally go online to find the best price for their item. Price comparison sites simplify this search.

CompariPress is a flexible and powerful price comparison plugin for WordPress. It allows you to display prices for products from several different affiliate networks at once.

The CompariPress PCU (Price Comparison Unit) will allow you to select items from multiple affiliate networks and display them within the pages or posts of your WordPress affiliate website in the form of a tidy PCU, letting shoppers see where the best deals are, right from your website!

New affiliate networks are being added all the time.

Orginally, the plugin supported only Amazon, CJ, and Linkshare. The affiliate networks currently supported by the plugin are:

  • Amazon
  • Commission Junction
  • Linkshare
  • Affiliate Window

Set up is simple. You install the CompariPress plugin like you would any other plugin. Add your affiliate IDs. Set up your display options.

Then set up a comparison by adding the keywords for the products you want to show, and any negative keywords. That way, you can show, say, 32″ TVs, but not 32″ TV cables and 32″ TV mounting brackets.

The plugin will get the products from your affiliate networks, and will also include the product from vendors that you don’t have a relationship with. You can easily exclude them, or you can sign up with them so you’ll have more stores to show in your comparison unit.

CompariPress will also cloak your affiliate links, including the product image or logo links, if you opt to use them. Prices on your comparison units are automatically updated daily.

CompariPress can be used for networks in the US and UK only.





Trial  $7 for 30 Days
Price  $97
License  Unlimited for your own sites
Refund  30 Days – But only if it won’t work on your server



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